We offer to our clients a very efficient "General Counsel Solution" in order to help you to project manage your business in the UK.

Our service is tailored for the needs of international clients based overseas or local clients dealing with the partners overseas that have legal matters involving several jurisdictions and require project management of their legal matters.

We have a wealth of legal experience and understanding of the commercial needs of international clients and managing projects and lawyers in various jurisdictions. Understanding the legal system and the process is important but making sure that you have the right solicitor or barrister which will not cost you a fortune is critical. We can provide priceless advice which will save you time and costs. We work with a large network of law firms, individual solicitors and barristers and can negotiate special rates for you.

Our service ensures that you get best quality legal advise for the right price.

How we can help:

  • Provide legal support and assistance with negotiations

  • Assist in communication with the solicitors

  • Select and engage the right specialist solicitors or barristers for your matter

  • Manage the project and coordinate lawyers and relevant stakeholders

  • Ensure that you are getting exactly the service you require and lower your legal costs.